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Open to New Possibilities – Workshop

Explore Occupations You Have Dreamed About! In this interactive career workshop, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the influences that have impacted your career path.  You will complete a personal assessment to identify your top occupational interests and use an extensive occupation finder to match your interests with potential occupations.  Lastly, you will learn five skills that are helpful in dealing with chance career opportunities.  Please contact us to learn more about the next scheduled workshop.

Career by Design – Workshop

Did you know that you do not need to compete with anyone and no one can compete with you?  Why?  Because in all of human history there will only ever be one you.  Do you know what makes you unique?  Are you clear on your professional identity?  This interactive workshop will provide you with an overview of professional self concept and how to manage your career path –things you must know and pitfalls to avoid. You will leave the workshop with invaluable information that everyone should know about career development. Please contact us to learn more about the next scheduled workshop.

Visioning & Planning – Career Plan Program

The Career Plan Program consists of five one-on-one career counselling sessions, comprehensive curriculum, and vocational assessment(s) designed to assist you in taking ownership of your career path.  The Program takes two to three months to complete due to homework assigned between sessions.  At the end of the Career Plan Program, you will have the necessary information to create a compelling LinkedIn profile and resume and clearly articulate an intentional career goal.  Contact Connie at 403-730-4720 to register for the program.

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Starting a Small Business – Workshop

Do you have the skills to be a successful entrepreneur?  Do you have a business idea that you think is worth further consideration?  This three-hour interactive workshop will outline the importance of clarifying your vision and writing a business plan.  You will leave the workshop with useful tools and information to help you further explore your business idea.  Please contact us to learn more about the next scheduled workshop.

Quarterly Networking Event – Currently Unavailable

Do you find networking awkward or difficult?  You are not alone.  You can build your networking skills with intentional thought and practice.  This fun-filled networking event is an opportunity to practice your networking skills together with others who are doing the same.  It is an opportunity to learn from each other and learn what works and what doesn’t. 

Performance Management & Career Development for Managers

Too often performance management has become a process and does not help the employee develop in their career.  Relationship needs to be at the heart of the performance management conversation, if it is absent, the conversation may actually fracture the relationship rather than nurture it.  Speaking about performance management Marcus Buckingham pointed out that humans are unconsciously biased and lack objectivity.  Rating another individual’s performance is approximately a 39% reflection of the individual being rated and a 61% reflection of the individual doing the rating (Buckingham, 2017, Global Leadership Summit).  This workshop provides managers and leaders with valuable tools to make the performance management conversation meaningful for both the manager and the employee.  Contact us to learn more about this valuable workshop.

Project Management Coaching &

Leadership Development Coaching

What does project management and leadership share in common? People!  Project management and leadership are made possible by people, and you will either succeed or fail as a project manager or leader because of your people skills.  For instance you cannot accomplish either without the ability to engage, motivate, and genuinely care about people.  Connie Covey, B. Admin, MC, PMP, CCDP, APC, an adult educator and career counsellor delivers project management and leadership development coaching.  Call today to learn how you can improve your people skills.

Workplace Civility and Ethical Decision Making Model

Alternative facts, fake news, escalating political tension, hegemonic bullying these are all part of our modern world.  Increasingly our lives are impacted by these new realities, so what is workplace civility and ethical decision making and how does it promote social justice and human rights?  This customized workshop is designed for delivery at your workplace to promote a respectful workplace culture.

FREE seat available! Generally, at each of our workshops, we reserve one free seat for a single parent or an individual on a fixed income. Please contact us to learn if you qualify.

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